General Secretariat for Gender Equality

Gender Mainstreaming in the Language of Administrative Documents

Social Innovation
Social Welfare
Gender Equality
Duration:7/2014 - 11/2014

The subject of the project was to conduct an investigation in which Intraway identified, collected, analyzed administrative documents to investigate the use of language in the re- generation of gender stereotypes and prejudices. The analysis was carried out on three levels: a) grammatical, b) syntax, and c) semantic stereotypes, within a documented methodological approach. In addition to the above, it was important to highlight specific examples through various Greek administrative documents, as well as present semantic gender differences in language. The subject of the project was also the writing of a stand-alone guide through which Intraway made instructions, observations, recommendations, gave practical advice and specific suggestions related to the alternative use of concepts, with a view to using non-sexist language, which, beyond changing linguistic expression, will seek to change attitudes and perceptions, as well as the use of the gender-related language in a fair and impartial way.

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