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Annual Report on Greece's Statistics on Immigration and International Protection

Social Innovation
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Migration Policies
Duration:12/2011 - 5/2012

Preparation of the "Annual Report on GREECE’s Statistics on Immigration and International Protection 2009" for the Ministry of Interior, as the Greek national contact point of the European Migration Network. This Report focuses primarily on the analysis of this year's statistics, the data provided being in line with EU Regulation 862/2007 on community statistics on Migration and International Protection. The above sought to describe the statistical trends for immigration, international protection, entry ban, arrests, residence permits and returns in the reference year, i.e. in 2009, in Greece, so as to facilitate comparisons and interpretations of migratory trends at European level, as well as in an international environment. This report, developed by all the National Contact Points of the EMN (European Migration Network), was part of the "Synthetic Annual Report on Migration and International Protection Statistics 2009 in EU Member States”

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