General Secretariat for Gender Equality

Creation of a tool for the promotion of women in economic decision-making in companies listed in the Greek Stock Exchange

Social Innovation
Social Welfare
Gender Equality
Duration:6/2015 - 9/2015
Client:General Secretariat for Gender Equality

The main purpose of the project was also to produce a study with a comparative analysis of the tools, methodologies and legislative framework already in use in other European countries as well as in Greece, for the process of participation of women in the economic decision-making centers of listed companies. The tools and methodologies were gathered for analysis and processing with the ultimate goal of comparing their effectiveness towards gender equality in economic decision-making centers. Also, best practices already in place in European countries that promote gender equality in companies will be recorded and highlighted. The current state legislation on this issue was analyzed, and a comparative analysis of the different legislative frameworks was made on the basis of their results in terms of gender equality. There has also been a self-assessment tool for listed companies for the policies they apply, in line with corporate governance principles, to promote women in high positions at the economic decision-making level. This tool was an online software application for data processing and the production of dynamic reporting and statistical metrics.

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