Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy

Feasibility study on the establishment of a Northern Greece Border Surveillance System

Technology Optimization
Social Welfare
Social Protection
Duration:1/2011 - 6/2011

The aim of the study is to highlight the necessity, feasibility and all the necessary technical and economical elements that will be required in order to create a surveillance system that provides the operational capabilities necessary for security purposes to the relevant Port Authority and Business Centers of Ministry of Marine Affairs & Insular Policy. At the same time, this system can also be used as a tool for the provision of VTS, as identified in the IMO Guidelines and related IALA recommendations, as well as improving the quality of Research and Rescue Services.

The implementation of the Study was completed in the following phases:

Phase A: During the first phase of the project accomplished detailed elaboration, processing, evaluation and submission of proposals relating to the needs arising from the Services to be supported by the Surveillance System were carried out.
Phase B: During the second phase of the project completed the planning, processing and analysis of three (3) alternative scenarios for the implementation of the Aegean Sea Marine Border Surveillance System was completed to meet the needs identified in the 1st Phase as well as financial and technical analysis and analysis risk assessment.
Phase C:. In the third and final phase of the study carried out the scenario of the implementation and operation of the Surveillance System was selected at the level of analytical technical and technological specifications, level of service provision and specified the details for its successful implementation.

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