Greek Republic Ministry of Interior

Practical means to reduce illegal immigration, within the framework of the European Migration Network

Social Innovation
Social Welfare
Migration Policies
Duration:12/2011 - 12/2011
Client:Greek Republic Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of the Interior, as the Greek National Contact Point of the European
Immigration Network, is responsible for the preparation of the study
'Practical measures to reduce illegal immigration'.
The overall purpose of the study was to provide a summary of the existing ones
approaches, mechanisms and measures implemented in Greece for
fight against illegal immigration.
This study, which was developed by all the National Contact Points of the EMN,
was part of the "Synthetic report on practical measures for
reduction of illegal immigration ", the composition of which was undertaken by E.
Commission with the help of the Service Provider (GHK-COWI, which has
concluded a contract with the European Commission) and included the practices which
applied by all EU Member States. to come up against this phenomenon.

The objectives of the study are as follows:

  •  Examination of general historical and political approaches towards
  • illegal immigration to Greece.
  •  Description of the Community and national framework for the prevention,
  • detect and combat illegal immigration. Provision
  • a comprehensive summary of existing approaches, mechanisms and
  • measures implemented in Greece to reduce the number of
  • illegal immigrants.
  •  Review of transnational cooperation in the field of illegal
  • immigration.
  • Investigate the availability of data and methods of data collection
  • used by Greece to assess the illegal
  • migrant population and the cost of implementing practical measures
  • tackling illegal immigration.
  • Exploring the impact of Community policy and legislation on the national
  • policy, national procedures and practices.
  •  Conclusions on the effectiveness of practical solutions for
  • combating illegal immigration, including
  • viewing best practices.

Namely the study identified effective practical measures that
received for:
  •  Addressing illegal immigration before the immigrant comes to host country e.g. at the level before entering.
  •  Detection of the entry of illegal immigrants in Greece.
  •  Monitor and ensure compliance for immigrants with the relevant conditions for visas and / or other authorizations to remain in Greece, in order to avoid the extension of residence and
  •  Addressing the situation of illegal immigrants with provision legalization outlets.

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