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INTRAWAY's manages peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects across for a range of partners. The organization uses project management expertise to help governments and donors make development budgets go further, in order to improve the lives of people in need.

INTRAWAY's project management methodology aims to help our partners develop a long-term approach to their operations, making it simpler to predict and improve the sustainability of development results. INTRAWAY's advisory services also factor in key lessons learned from our experience implementing projects that can help partners greatly enhance the impact of their operations.

For example, at INTRAWAY we know that to really add value to the projects we implement we must consult and engage the community, empower the vulnerable, manage environmental impacts, consider an output’s total cost of ownership and provide training for continued use.


  • Highly skilled professionals from a range of backgrounds
  • Certified programme and project management consultants and certified management consultants on request
  • Global roster of experts providing on-call support
  • Experience working in challenging environments
  • Local knowledge and global thinking
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