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INTRAWAY has extensive experience providing advice on the strategic level to both private and public companies, within all phases of digital business development - from strategy, analysis, recommendations to implementation. We offer assistance with strategy processes to identify new possibilities for digital business development, or based on the organization's own ideas. After identification of development possibilities, we carry out consequence analyses to form a basis for decision-making. We advise public and private companies on business development processes using digital technologies in the following areas: Strategic capacity building through the development of digitalization strategies and well-documented proposals, Innovative development of new and existing service channels based on user requirements, Optimization and streamlining of internal and external work processes through strategic utilization of technologies, Development of new services based on new digital technologies.

  • Digitization services

INTRAWAY is a premier service provider of digitization services for global institutes, universities, libraries and national archives. We apply technology to help clients achieve competitive advantage in their businesses. We have successfully converted analog information in any form to digital form with suitable electronic devices such as a scanner or specialized computer chips. Indicative examples of original objects to digitize are:  Form and handwritten material (books, documents, letters, etc.), Scraps of newspapers and magazines, Printed Forms,  Photo Gallery (photos, negative, slides, etc.), Pictures and paintings,  Maps ,  Items of daily use (e.g. utensils),  Tools and portable machines, etc. The digitization services include digital charting of the originals combined with the processing that may suffer. Moreover include quality control of digital copying and their archiving. The key benefits from the digitization of a file form are several such as: High quality digitized output that can be used for internet access, archiving and print on demand Reduction of form material, Faster finding the sought information, Increased accessibility and the possibility of simultaneous access of all interested users to documents via PC, Reduce the maintenance costs of the file form, Maximizing the security file, etc. Our processes are designed around the care and safe handling of original items and on delivering high quality, information-rich digital images that meet your needs now and will hold their value into the future.
As a digitization services leader, INTRAWAY provides ISO compliant document conversion services that enable our Clients to successfully unlock the true value of the information contained in their files. The benefits gained from our scanning services result in increased productivity, performance and profits.

  • Document management solutions

Based on your organization's document management goals and requirements, we can select the right Document Management Solution for your business. From complete solutions and packaged services to off-the-shelf products, we have the capability to define the optimal solution for your organization built on industry standards. Document management solutions include:
Document Imaging Services
→ Platform Independent File Search & Retrieval
         Scan Documents to be Accesses via Secure File Serves
         Define Service Level Agreement Based on Business Needs
         Ensure Integration with Document and Data Software Applications

Goal: Secure access to critical documents across operating platforms to enable multiple and simultaneous users’ access to files

Tailored Solution Design & Development
→ Tailored Business Solutions
           Define Business Need to Convert Documents
           Design Prototype to Address Business Requirements
           Develop Solution to Perform Features and Functions

Goal: Create unique solution to enable business processes and procedures and enhance productivity

Document Management Systems
→ Document Imaging Search and Retrieval Solutions
          Search (Boolean, Exact & Fuzzy Methods)
          Access (Secure Certificate of Authentication Controls)
          Retrieve (Document Library Indexing)

Goal: Create the optimal solution based on specific business needs to securely access information on demand

Our expert team over 20 years of experience successfully designing and implementing document solutions, and managing file conversions of billions of pieces of information. The key to a successful project is starting with the end deliverable in mind, then employing proven technology solutions and conversion methods (of which scanning can be just one stage in the entire process). Successful document management requires a clear understanding of an organization's Document Strategy, its People, Process, and Technology Requirements, and the optimal Implementation Approach.
We work with your organization to conduct a Document Management Project Plan that identifies the answers to the following questions:
o   When will your organization begin the project?
o   Has a Business Case been conducted for this project?
o   Has a Document Strategy been defined for the organization?
o   Has a Project Team been identified?
o   What document intensive process will be the focus of the project?  (Brokerage Transactions, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Loan Applications, Title Insurance Records, HR Files Medical Records, Client Files, Patient Charts, Project Deliverables, etc.)
o   What is the volume of pages to convert digitally?  (We will estimate this based on the number of file cabinet drawers and the number of boxes to be digitally converted, and by sampling the contents of the files.)
o   Does your company have a project implementation methodology? (Our Implementation Methodology and Ten Stage Approach enables rapid deployment of our Document Conversion Services.)

Document Preparation (Steps include: Log, Prepare & Unitize Files)
Document Scanning (Steps Include: Image, Convert & OCR Files)
Document Coding (Steps Include: Code Field Search & Retrieval Data)
Document Indexing (Steps Include: Embed Coded Data into Files & Metadata)
In addition to the approach above, we define the project timeline, approval processes and the reporting requirements that ensure successful communication and project management

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