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As well as implementing individual peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects, INTRAWAY can manage a project, programme, or portfolio management office (PMO) on a partner’s behalf. We also focus on training our partners to eventually run each PMO independently, using the highest internationally-recognized standards.

Managing work more efficiently and effectively for long-term, sustainable outcomes, a PMO increases the capacity of any project, department – or even organization. We establish the processes, tools, and leadership required for continued implementation success while supporting human resources and meeting employee needs.

A PMO run by INTRAWAY increases control over outcomes by:

Ensuring effective planning
Standardizing procedures
Driving team performance
Strengthening communications
Managing for risk
Improving operational efficiency

When running a PMO for a partner, INTRAWAY offers:


Capacity assessments to identify existing gaps and strengths
Improvement plans for project management performance

Process guidance

Clear definitions of project management processes
Establish or improve processes and operational models

Accurate reporting

Team support 

Oversight on team member development
Executive and team coaching

Knowledge management

Validation of concepts through pilot projects
Effective transition plans

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