Information Security
Information security is about ensuring the correct management of the business information assets. A common mistake is to focus solely on the organization’s IT environment when, in fact, the work with information security also should cover the handling of both physical actions and verbal information. The goal is that correct information must be available to the right person at the right time. In addition, we also want to be able to determine who did what with the information. Intraway’s Information Security services are tailored to meet the specific requirements, which can result in a secure business environment. Clients of our services in information security are often the companies CEO, CFO, CSO, CISO or Security Managers. Within the field of information security we can help companies with :
  • strategic direction and management
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • risk assessment and management
  • information classification
  • setting requirements and compliance
  • disaster and business continuity planning
  • architecture, application and network security
  • recruitment of the right skills to manage and lead information security
Organizations that do not address these issues in a structured way expose the business to unnecessary risks. For example risk of losing sensitive information, risk of losing the trust from customers and the market or risk of violation against the law. With the right effort, you can eliminate or at least substantially reduce these risks.

The following services are offered under the portfolio of Information Security Services :

Security Program Strategy                                                                                     
Regulatory and Standards Compliance                                                                                                                             
Security Architecture & Implementation                                                                                                              
Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Scanning
Incident Response
IT Security Products & Solutions

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