Software Development
From specifications, to requirements, to development, to testing and quality control, we at INTRAWAY work hard to deliver on time against a tidal wave of challenges and complexity standing by the side of our customers throughout the lifetime of the project, even after it has been deployed.Through years of experience in software products development, our software development team is familiar with software standards, procedures and methodologies that follow the full life cycle of products, which includes registration of requirements, design, implementation, integration, control and verification of products.
Environments used for development are each time determined by the specific project requirements. This ensures the development of reliable and flexible software solutions that enable the optimization their customers’ business activities and ensure return on investment. Our company also focuses on the continuous development of technical skills and knowledge of its personnel, in accordance with tools and methodologies of the dominant technological orientations.
The methodology followed in every project is described in the following stages:
  • Requirements Analysis: the main object is communication with the customer for registering requirements and software specifications. Communication with your company’s executives creates the necessary conditions for the correct understanding of customer’s internal processes and operating mode.
  • Design: the architecture and software features such as the structure of data (database) and software display (User Interface) are defined to ensure the quality of design. 
  • Implementation:  software is developed in stages and by using trial versions (beta) the evolution of the software is presented to enable the customer to monitor the actual form of the software and to suggest for improvements. 
  • Check: completed software is installed at the customer’s enterprise and operates in trial mode for some time in order the desired outcome to be obtained.
Codification of Legislation
Software Development
Codification of legislation is a complex procedure, which involves the collection, recording,
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