Municipality of Igoumenitsa, Greece.

"Sustainable Management of Urban Networks with the use of ICT" Acronym: URBANETS

Project Management
Duration:12/2013 - 07/2014
Client:Municipality of Igoumenitsa, Greece.

The project was organized under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece – Italy 2007-2013 “Investing in our Future” and was co-funded by the European Union – European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - and by National Funds of Greece and Italy.
The consortium consisted of three participating municipalities : Igoumenitsa (the lead partner), Brindisi and Gallipoli. The aim of the project was to ensure new ways on urban planning: urban traffic, but also environmental planning and disaster management. The objectives of the project, therefore, aimed to improve the quality of life of the municipalities involved, with a greater rationalization of vehicular traffic, studying the strengths and problems also to ensure responses to environmental pollution and to strengthen cross-border cooperation.Each partner was in charge of implementing the TEIMS system in their region. Therefore a number of tasks were similar for all partners: These tasks included the conduct of a developmental study for each region, the procurement and installation of the system.
In the framework of the project  the subproject entitled "Development and Operation of the ALIS" was implemented. The purpose of the subproject was to create the Alarm Alert Information System that generates alerts / alarms in relation to traffic and the environmental situation in the areas of interest and disseminates alerts / alarms to operators of the three areas. The project has taken into account the specific socio-economic and development prospects of the Region of Epirus with a view to the medium to long-term development of the wider region.

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