Branding & Positioning
in Marketing Communication

Providing an impacting image of a product or service to a specific audience is what we do to create or strengthen a brand or position or reposition, but it's more math than art. We use the right mix of data, research, and subsequent analyses to ensure an on-target effort.

At INTRAWAY, we see branding as something that runs much more profound, involving your entire company.

We define your brand as: 

Your total experience, as perceived by those you seek to motivate.

Or in even simpler terms: Your brand is everything you do!

A strong brand brings you at least the following benefits: 

  • More satisfied, loyal customers, and more of them
  • More sales and profits
  • Greater return on marketing investments
  • More satisfied, produce
  • Active employees
  • Greater competitive advantage

Of course, managing "everything you do" is no small task. Your brand perceptions are shaped by dozens of touchpoints – from advertising to product development to how your receptionist answers the phone. So we strive to simplify, which means giving you practical tools to guide the development and growth of your brand.

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