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As the web becomes more dynamic, digital platforms gain prominence, with thought leaders becoming brand advocates. As businesses continue to scale, the quantity of content will online grow enormously from a few pages to thousands of runners across blogs, articles, whitepapers, brochures, opinion pieces, business records, invoices, vouchers, and many other forms of collaterals. People consume content from multiple channels, and they try and use content search tools to access it all in one place. Hence, companies should focus on creating content and managing them as efficient content service providers. A content management system provides an intelligent approach to such management.

We help clients dramatically reduce costs and increase productivity by streamlining content-related production and processes. We integrate systems to facilitate the creation of new content and provide easy access to and retrieval of existing digital assets from other enterprise tools such as ERP document management software or CRM.

We start by capturing requirements from different business groups and external parties so that the information architecture is scalable to accommodate the next wave of changes to hit the market. We then put a plan together to migrate existing content to new CMS and facilitate the development of governance guidelines and related change management needs. We’ll ensure compliance with design and regulatory standards and enable non-technical users to publish and manage content without IT support. Our goal is to give our customers the complete life cycle management of content from creation to expiration and a central repository for web content with typical information architecture.

INTRAWAY delivers expert content management services to power growth across our client businesses. Our content management services are spread across :

Drupal is a modular content management system (CMS) used to manage customized content on dynamic websites. It is a PHP/MySQL-based open-source management platform delivering efficient content management services and runs on Mac, Linux, and any other media and environment. Drupal is an excellent source for developing flexible and function-rich websites at low costs. Readily available free and customizable templates can be used as building blocks for generating solutions of your choice, however complex you want them to be! At INTRAWAY, we are the pioneers in content management solutions leveraging the Drupal platform.

Liferay is an open-source code and needs support and maintenance expenses only. Using a simple content sharing model and storing documents on a shared network, Liferay eliminates the need for any special software. Its Intelligent Virtual File System can be used as a shared drive using CIFS, WebDAV, or FTP. The product supports search functionality using search and Folder browsing as well. At INTRAWAY, we have years of experience delivering best-in-class content management solutions powered by the Liferay platform. 

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform in 2003. Today, it has grown manifold to grab the position of the most widely used CMS on the Internet. WordPress is highly versatile as it enables its users to either pick from thousands of plug-ins and themes or build something for their use without paying any licensing fees. At INTRAWAY, we are expert providers of content management solutions built on the WordPress platform.


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