Database Development
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We provide customized database development services and solutions to worldwide clients at cost-effective prices. Our developers can design databases based on your specific needs and authorize you to manage information or data efficiently and effectively. We have extensive experience in developing databases, multi-tiered applications, and web-based applications.

Through our database development support, you can get access to your company’s data in the format you desire from any internet-enabled computer or mobile phone. We help our clients in developing databases and assist them in migrating, verifying, cleansing, and maintaining existing databases. Additionally, our data management professionals can facilitate you in building a new database from scratch based on your predefined qualification criteria. 

Database Building

A database plays a vital role in the company’s growth, profits, and marketing strategy. But harvesting gigantic data and building a database requires a lot of time and effort. We at INTRAWAY help our clients collect valuable information from scratch, online, and printed business directories. We develop our tactics and gather a targeted prospect list based on your requirements, such as lead generation, direct marketing, customer analysis, and contact information.

Database Migration

Our professionals can help you migrate and transfer data from an old database to a new software system accurately and efficiently. We can carefully share all information, including products, components, vendors, customers, and employee data. Our data migration and conversion knowledge allow us to place data from multiple systems to a new application.

Database Verification

For better ROI, you must have an accurate, consistent, and up-to-date database of any information. To ensure your database is accurate and updated, we identify redundancies, inaccuracies, gaps and fix them. With a proven methodology, we cross-check all fields of your database against available online and offline reliable sources of information. Our data verification/validation services professionals have specialization in delivering high-quality results with a quick turnaround.

Database Cleansing

To build brand reputation and increase conversion, you require a clean and current database. Our database cleansing services enable you to clean, de-duplicate, standardize and normalize data intelligently. We can fix almost all fields, including contact titles, email addresses, dialing codes, zip codes, postal addresses, product details. Our data cleansing process includes manual proofreading of records and correcting typographical or spelling errors. We can also revise outdated products information from the suggested sources.

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