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Some tools appraise an organization in preparation for an award (for example, EFQM, Business Excellence, Baldridge, Investors in People); others look at the performance of an organization in practice for a buy-out/ buy-in, raising venture capital. INTRAWAY regularly undertakes institutional evaluations using The Business Improvement Review (BIR) as an Organisational Appraisal tool to identify developmental opportunities. Organizational Appraisal is the activity, and the Business Improvement Review (BIR) is a tool to deliver an appraisal. The Business Improvement Review is a stand-alone organizational appraisal/ situational assessment that allows institutions to determine how their current business stands as perceived by key stakeholders associated with your business.

It will enable the management team, in one quick and easy step, to determine:

  • How effective are Institution’s business systems?
  • How consistently are policies & procedures followed?
  • How influential are Institution’s leaders, and what is their contribution?
  • How effectively are institutions’ strategies determined and implemented?
  • How well do Institutions look after all their resources & assets, not just the cash flow?
  • Are our Institution’s processes truly customer-friendly?
  • Do Institutions monitor the views of their stakeholders, and what are they telling them?
  • Are our Institution’s results as good as they should be?
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NSRF Executive Structure of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy


Ministry of Labour, Social Security, and Social Solidarity

ΚτΠ ΑΕ.png

Information Society S. A.


Fire Brigade Headquarters


Greek Organisation Against Drugs (OKANA)

Υπουργείο Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης.jpg

Ministry of Rural Development and Food

/Hellenic Police.png

Hellenic Police

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