Social Welfare

INTRAWAY is committed to working with the government and the community sector as they navigate their way through reform to achieve better outcomes for all citizens, particularly those that are vulnerable. In this way, Intraway has engaged in the development of the social sector and assists institutions in designing and implementing projects dealing with the reintegration of disadvantaged and marginalized groups into society and the labor market, the introduction of active labor market measures, promotion of employment and life-long learning and mainstreaming the needs of vulnerable groups in program and project design and implementation. 

We conduct fundamental research and promote applied and empirical research on employment, social policy, inequalities, demography, and family issues. In recent years research emphasis has shifted towards issues of social cohesion, funded by local and national authorities, private organizations, the EU, and other international bodies. 

Key objectives in the area of Social Policy are the following: 

  • We are further developing social policy theory and scientific methodology for dealing with social policy issues.
  • We are enhancing and expanding research and the reproduction of knowledge concerning future social challenges and Social Policy.
  • We provide quality research and wide dissemination of results and knowledge. 
  • We are establishing a systematic dialogue and cooperation in Social Policy through shared activity with organizations involved in social research (universities, various levels of the local administration, the public and private sector).

Current research activity focuses on:

  • These sections: Social and economic inequality issues: income inequalities, educational inequalities, child poverty, exclusion from the labor market, gender mainstreaming, poverty and social exclusion at the national and local levels, inequalities in access to social care and health services.
  • Social integration policies are social and economic inclusion of vulnerable population groups, active inclusion policies, minimum income scheme policies.
  • We are identifying the needs and problems of vulnerable population groups: Disabled persons, immigrants, single parents, prisoners, ex-prisoners, addicts.
  • Demographic issues are general tendencies, fertility, aging, family development, migration policies, demographic and family policies.
  • Labor market: types and structure of employment, unemployment, labor market, employment policies.
  • Social economy and social entrepreneurship: Characteristics of the social economy, organizations and their activities, their role in promoting social inclusion, local development, their prospects.

Intraway is active in projects involving the following social welfare issues: 

  • Promotion of human rights
  • Human trafficking
  • Gender Equality & Women’s empowerment
  • Social protection
  • Poverty, inequality & vulnerability
  • Migration policies
  • Integration of minorities
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