The starting points for research and innovation in eHealth at INTRAWAY are:

  • Needs Analysis Methods development and use, as a basis for the new system and service concepts, determine the focus and ensure legitimacy.
  • Enabling Technologies for sensing, reasoning, acting, interacting and communicating, as required for providing care at a distance, for care providers, staff, care receivers, and relatives.
  • Information Supply systems constitute processes for a border-less care system, and increased accessibility of information to clients and other citizens about available care and treatment methods.

Regardless of the starting point, all new ideas are subjected to an integrated analysis from the user, technology, and business perspectives, before proceeding to the next stage.

With the main objective to radically improve healthcare and rehabilitation, there are three particular needs areas to be targeted for exploration and intervention: 

Collaboration between caregivers, clients, and close relatives

The objective of this area is to create a better interaction between different actors that give formal or informal care to the client. The aim is to increase the quality of care and to make more effective use of resources. 

Remote Consultation and communication

This area's objective is to make it possible for a piece of information to move to the place where the client or a specialist is. It provides increased opportunities for correct diagnoses to administer the appropriate measures to the client safely. Such consultations can relate to various interventions, ranging from highly specialized care to intense rehabilitation and overall to increase the availability of health care in the homes of clients and citizens. 

Health Information

The objective of this area is to extend availability and ease of access to health-related information and support for the citizens and make it possible for the clients to perform self-care actions.

INTRAWAY has been building advanced electronic healthcare solutions for the last 20 years. Our experience dates back to when paper-based record systems were being replaced with electronic systems and new procedures. In this process, INTRAWAY played a vital role in the electronic transformation at Greek hospitals and the public sector. Today, it's time for a new digital change in the healthcare sector, a shift that embraces various stakeholders, including patients, providers, payers, the public, and the private sector. To address these new challenges, INTRAWAY reviews current funded research initiatives to cooperate with global partners to get another step ahead.

Intraday is active in projects involving the following social eHealth issues: 

  • eHealth Policies & Strategies
  • IT for Cross-Border Healthcare 
  • eHealth Interoperability 
  • Health Information Technology 
  • Computational Medicine
  • Person-centered Care
  • eHealth innovation
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