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Companies wanting to reach international markets face numerous business challenges. They often lack market information, have insufficient knowledge of trends and buyer expectations, and encounter intense competition from global players. Many exporters adopt a sales-driven and product-focused approach: produce something you can make, get an order, fulfill and close the sale. That can work in the short term. But in a globalized economy, this approach too often leaves the exporter at the mercy of price competition, with little room for differentiation and long-term development.

Our Export Marketing and Branding associates offer an innovative portfolio of advisory services to assist exporters from developing countries in upgrading their marketing, sales, and branding skills. The goal is to enable exporters to move beyond supply-side exporting and towards market-driven approaches for sustainable, long-term business success.

INTRAWAY offers an array of marketing and sales support services to help clients introduce new products into the market and land distribution deals, including:

  • Marketing plan development and execution
  • Brand development and communication
  • Packaging development

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