George Vlahotasios
George Vlahotasios, Managing Director of INTRAWAY. Has guided INTRAWAY's development since its establishment in 1995 and actively shapes the company's mission and strategy as a partner of choice in South East Europe and the Mediterranean Region.  Has a portfolio of extensive experience in Policy Development, Programme Definition and Planning, Programme Evaluation, IT Programme & Project Management and IT Solutions Delivery.   He has been involved in a variety of projects across industries, such as: Government, Education, Research & Innovation, Employment, Social Security & Health, Regional Administration, Telecoms, Information, Media & Electronics, and Transport & Civil Infrastructure.  He has participated in more than 50 projects of the European Research Framework, Territorial Cooperation Programs and National RTD Programs.  Has an extensive educational background in Engineering, Project Management & Evaluation from Technical University of Athens, Strathclyde University and London School of Economics.

Sotirios Georgiou
Senior Project Manager

Joined INTRAWAY in 2010, currently a senior member of the INTRAWAY’s Management Consulting Group. He has directed a series of large-scale projects in the public sector and possesses extensive experience in a variety of design and implementation engagements. His career has been marked by a remarkable ability to excel in team collaboration, proficiently organizing, and establishing fruitful partnerships with clients. Has a portfolio of extensive experience in Strategy and Business Planning, Organizational Design, Business Process Reengineering, Large Information Systems Implementation Support, Training Design and delivery, and Change Management. His professional competency profile reflects a commitment to delivering top-notch work quality, coupled with a sharp aptitude for analytical and conceptual thinking, all underscored by a steadfast dedication to organizational excellence. His experience spans the Social Security, Education and Lifelong Learning, Public Procurement, and Public Administration Reform domains. Holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Social Sciences from Augsburg University and an MBA in Business, administration, and law from Strathclyde University and has presented many publications and contributions to national and international conferences.

Dimosthenis Tzafolias
Operations Manager
Dimosthenis joined Intraway in 2005, currently a senior member of Intraway responsible for managing the company operations. Has taken part in a number of important projects and programmes implemented by Intraway for large public sector organizations in Greece, with active involvement both during the design and implementation support stages. Has a portfolio of extensive experience in Business Planning, Organizational Design, Business Process Reengineering, Human Resources Management, Training Design and Change Management. His experience spans the Social Security, Education and Lifelong Learning, and Public Administration Reform domains.
Dimitris Vogiatzakis
Finance Manager
Dimitris Vogiatzakis is Intraway's Chief Financial Officer with responsibility for the company’s corporate controllership, treasury, tax,  financial reporting and analysis, strategic planning and analysis, and corporate development functions. Dimitris'  roles are to ensure Intraway remains financially sustainable and to adapt the company business model to meet the changing needs of its membership and key stakeholders. Holds a BSc Degree from the Dept. of Economic and Regional Development at Panteion University of Athens, Greece.
Antonios Stefanou
Chief Information Officer

Antonis holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Indianapolis, USA (2008)  and a Master Degree in Software Engineering from University of Hertfordshire, England (2011).  He has more than 15 years hands-on experience in business process re-engineering for public and private entities in a wide area of business environments, including situation and requirements analysis and support in the implementation of new policies and procedures, in testing data migration projects and delivery of training to line-ministry officials and civil servants. He has worked as software developer in USA and Italy creating Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications. As a CIO  in INTRAWAY has directed  all software systems of the company including ERP, LMS, CMS and Expert systems. He has a vast degree of knowledge in many programming languages and frameworks like Microsoft C#, Microsoft .NET, PHP (including Laravel), JAVA (including Sprint), C++, Python, and web technologies like HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0 and Javascript.

Manos Spilios
Director, Quality Assurance Services
Manos has wealth of qualifications and experience in providing results-oriented solutions for system development, training or auditing needs. He has helped dozens of organizations in implementing effective management systems to a number of standards. He provides a unique blend of specialized knowledge, experience, tools, and interactive skills to help organizations develop systems that not only get certified but also contribute to the bottom line. He has performed many audits in several industry sectors. As a Consultancy Auditor, he not just report findings, but provide value-added service in recommending appropriate solutions. He has conducted over 100 third-party registration and surveillance audits and dozens of gap, internal and pre-assessment audits to ISO/QS/TS Standards, in the manufacturing and service sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Informatics from Patra's Polytechnical University. Prior to becoming a business consultant, he has worked in several portfolios such as marketing, operations, production, quality, and customer care.
Vaios Vlahotasios

Vaios Vlahotasios, consultant at INTRAWAY. Joined INTRAWAY in 2020 and has played a key role in both the organizational and operational aspects of the company. He has worked with clients in a variety of industries on topics including the development of information technology platforms, climate risk, scenario planning, operational resilience, business continuity, and the risks associated with emerging technologies. A
strong advocate of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs, sustainability, and climate change, embedding climate risk and sustainable finance in transformation programs, he believes in a proactive approach to risk management, regulatory changes, scenario planning, and risk anticipation. On the technological side, he is backed by a vast team of AI, tech-build, and design talents, helping clients solve strategic challenges and achieve their full digital potential. His educational background includes a B.S. in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Southern California, with continuing education specialization in Risk Management from the University of Chicago. Holds a PM^2 Project Management Methodology license from the European Commission and is certified as Lead Auditor in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS), and in ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

Constantina Koutsis
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

As Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Constantina Koutsis focuses on strengthening Intraway’s brand in the marketplace and bringing innovative marketing approaches to help grow the business by building relationships with clients, engaging employees, and attracting world-class talent. Passionate about how technology can drive innovation into every facet of brand-building, she recently developed a new digital platform for Intraway, including a new website design with integrated social, mobile, and content strategies. Mrs. Koutsis holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the DEREE College of Greece and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus.

Dimitra Koulouvakou
European Funding Programme Manager
Dimitra is Responsible for Managing Projects, financed by EU Structural Funds, providing support to public organizations.  Commands more than 20 years of professional experience in focused interventions aiming at boosting and sustaining development and possesses a long-lasting experience in the planning, management, and delivery of large-scale, complex development projects. She has directed a large number of projects, delivering technical and subject matter advisory services, aiming at the design and implementation of Development Plans and Structural Funds Initiatives addressing SME development, export promotion, industrial development, employment, human resources development, regional development, and transfer of know-how in all above fields. She holds a Bachelor from the School of Physical Education and Sport Science 
and in Economics from UniOpen - ECampus University.
Sofia Gatsikou
HR Director
Bringing more than 15 years of international experience in the Human Resources field from top management consulting companies, Sofia joined Intraway in 2016 and since then she has set up the entire HR function, from defining the HR strategy to implementing it across all HR areas: employee relations, talent acquisition, talent management (Learning & Development, Performance Management & Staffing) and its compensation & benefits policies. Sofia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly (with a specialization in Human Resources), She has also undergone several Executive Management programs.
Georgia Giannopoulou
Social Research and Information Manager
Mrs. Giannopoulou is Social Research and Information Manager and is responsible for the overall management and delivery of all research programs. Mrs. Giannopoulou has been involved in poverty and social exclusion research, working at grassroots, Greece, and European levels for a range of funders including the European Commission. She has an extensive background in research management and is experienced in applied social research, participatory observation, and qualitative and quantitative methods. She holds a BA in Social Anthropology from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, an MA in Business Administration from the University of West Attica, and an MSc in Marketing and Communication from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He holds PM2 Project Management Certification, approved by the European Institutions in the management of thousands of programs, projects, and grants (EU Grants).
Katerina Michalopoulou
Institutional Development Manager
Katerina is a member of the Institutional Development team with over 20 years of management consulting experience in planning, implementing, and monitoring projects, by delivering high value-adding services mainly in the public sector. Has a portfolio of extensive experience in Public Investments Programme Management, Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening, Organizational Design, and Business Process Reengineering. Presently, Katerina is focusing on advising clients in  Government, Education, Employment, Social Security and SMEs. Holds a degree in Economics from University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) and University of Southern Califoria (USC) and MBA from Hawaii Pacific University (HPU)
Maria Athanasopoulou
Chief Customer Officer

Mrs. Athanasopoulou is Intraway’s Chief Customer Officer, leading the company's customer strategy, ensuring that Intraway develops programs that deliver profitable results for customers, increase their satisfaction and promote loyalty. Maria works cross-functionally to drive customer-focused initiatives that align the company's solutions and engagement models with the strategic needs and values of  Irene's customers. This customer-first strategy streamlines and optimizes how customers engage with Intraway across all aspects of the customer journey. In tandem, she and her team work to ensure customers are obtaining the maximum value from their Intraway investments while delivering innovation that drives profitability through a seamless supply chain. Maria holds a B.Sc in Business Communications from New York College.

Paraskevi Bifsa
Institutional Development Manager
Paraskevi holds a Diploma in Statistics from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), an MBA from University of West Attica, and an MSc in Education Sciences from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UOA).  She has worked for international companies in the industry sector as a controller and as a Project- and Process Manager for several years. Since 2016 he has been working for Intraway, supporting business and public administration in the design and monitoring of change processes. His core competencies are the support of change projects in different phases, the optimization of business processes, and the design of target-group-oriented business plans. In consulting projects, he can contribute the often-needed technical expertise.
Emmanouil Markakis
Chief Regulatory Consultant

Emmanouil is a Regulatory Affairs Manager at INTRAWAY. He makes sure that our customers, both private and civil companies and organizations follow applicable government and or EU regulations. He is very experienced in several different industries. One of his primary tasks involves ensuring that our customers’ employees are familiar with applicable regulations. A regulatory consultant takes a leadership role in developing policies that are designed to maintain regulatory compliance. He also establishes procedural guidelines. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from University of Piraeus and an MSc in Finance from the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Elias Nastos
Creative Director
Elias’s background in videos, 3D videos production, mockups, software development, have all merged to help him develop a unique, holistic approach that communicates emotional stories to visitors. And her 20 years of experience designing and building rich media installations and immersive experiences enable her to tackle any technological issue.  As our chief creative and strategic thinker, he applies that curiosity to her clients’ business, figuring out why customers and prospects behave the way they do. With that in mind, he oversees the creative process, working with graphic designers, photographers, writers, and illustrators to help them develop creative output that aligns with the client’s strategic objectives. Elias has a reputation for pushing his creative teams further than any other creative director. He makes them work late nights, weekends, and through holidays in pursuit of that one truly breakthrough creative idea. And when they’ve finally cracked it after weeks of grueling and thankless work. Elias will triumphantly stand in front of the client and present it as an idea she had in the shower that morning instead.

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