Intraway, founded in 1995, is a leading multidisciplinary consulting and technology development company.

INTRAWAY is based in Athens, active since 1995 in consulting services, information technology, and communications. He has completed complex projects in the public and private sector utilizing the unique know-how he possesses in the preparation and implementation of strategic and business plans and studies for the development of infrastructure and social cohesion, the development of information systems and telematics applications as well as the management and monitoring of co-financed projects with appropriate support through publicity and communication actions. Its presence in the market contributes to:

i. supporting private and public sector enterprises through various subsidized and self-funded human resource training programs; and

ii. in the transfer of know-how and experience from implementing programs in countries of the European Union and the Balkans.

The elaboration of Studies and the conduct of various consulting projects are based on experienced, well-trained, and renowned collaborators. They supervise and manage projects, compile the respective feasibility studies, technical reports, and reports - evaluations of the proposals and submissions of the Broader Public Sector to be financed. Its main area of ​​interest is the provision of Telematics Services and Applications based on modern technologies; Simultaneously, in the context of supporting its activities, it develops strategic collaborations and alliances with companies in the field of Informatics and Telecommunications. The company has collaborated in various ways with companies, public bodies, researchers, research institutes, etc., for the implementation of research, design, management, consulting, and other public or private sector projects, self-financed or subsidized by various National and Community programs. The services provided focus on the proper execution and coordination of projects through strictly defined Project Management procedures but also on custom software development services such as:

  • Ration Integration & Project Management: Integration of standards and methodologies of project management that are internationally accepted (PMI, PRINCE).
  • Development Software Development: The essential platforms (PHP and DOT NET) on which the company's products are currently developed have been created by corporate know-how, which offers several advantages.
  • Consult IT Consulting Services: The specialized consulting services, usually as part of larger projects, aim to give each project the necessary added value.

INTRAWAY is active throughout the research and development (R&D) life cycle, aiming to seize opportunities to create distinct value through new, improved products and services in the most critical ICT research areas. By participating in H2020 and nationally funded projects, the company successfully contributes to all actions from project idea generation to project proposal, project implementation, and commercialization of results. The research areas in IT and communications that the company focuses on are:

Information Intelligence: developing methods and tools that support information and data services, such as Information Mining, Intelligent Information Gathering, Information Filtering, User Modeling, and Web Mining.

Distributed AI (DAI): designing and developing business distributed systems. In complex artificial intelligence, could applications efficiently be run in turn on hundreds of thousands of computing cores worldwide.

Mobile App Development: actively participating in (R&D) activities, including design and development of mobile applications, supporting the Android platform.

Big Data: applying technologies for fast and accurate analysis of large data sets from different sources (from the network, firewalls, databases, etc.). Various frameworks (such as Apache Mahout, Spot, etc.) are used to create a business environment for the rapid creation and implementation of scalable machine learning applications (including collaborative filtering techniques, Naive Bayes classification, etc.)

The company's technological infrastructure is based on a modern data center (Data Center) that ensures business continuity, high availability, and energy savings. It is designed to integrate servers, utilize virtualization technologies, and provide users flexibility, processing speed, and data security. The company's internal network (Intranet) operates applications developed to ensure the best dissemination and management of information and business knowledge. The company has 17 desktops (Dell) and 11 laptops (Dell, Sony, Fujitsu). The basic specifications of the terminals are Intel i7 CPU, 16GB Ram, and 500GB / 1TB HD. The remote user interface with the company's Extranet is done using VPN technologies to ensure the confidentiality of information. The company's internal network is protected from external risks by using Firewall and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) mechanisms. The CR of the company is about five sq.m. which is covered by a FIRE JACK aerosol fire extinguishing system. All servers, backup systems, data storage systems, and call centers are installed in DC. For the operation of the procedures to be uninterrupted, the infrastructure has two 6KVA UPS, while a power supply generator supports each supply. The central systems of the company operate on a 24x7 basis.

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