Digital Heritage & Culture

Many of the issues that historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, librarians, architects, museologists, visual communication experts, and digital technologists address in their daily activities, as different as their jobs may sound, have to do with the study and preservation of cultural heritage, either tangible and intangible.

INTRAWAY works at this unique conjunction between history, anthropology, archaeology, and digital technology to help all these groups effectively address their complex tasks in taking care of cultural content. Over the years, we have developed a wealth of experience in assessing and optimizing the effectiveness of digital technology to enhance cultural communication. And since the field of digital technology is rapidly expanding, we stay abreast of and often contribute to current best practices. That includes physical systems (cameras, scanners, computers, software, storage) and human systems that create highly productive workflows. 

Our innovative services include:

  • Digital strategy
  • Cultural heritage management 
  • Implementation of cultural projects
  • Funding and grant support

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