Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation

Evaluation of the Program ‘Second Chance Schools 2013-2015’

Monitoring & Evaluation
Promotion of Human Rights
Duration:2015 - 2015
Client:Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation

Evaluating the results and impact of the Second Chance Schools program and their contribution to the integration of trainees into the labor market. The survey for the preparation of the Final Evaluation Report through the completion of questionnaires pe survey for target group was done with 1,903 people. The r preparation of the final evaluation report (by target group interviews) took place with 105 people.
As part of the implementation of the project, the following components contributed to the deliverables: external evaluation guide, research planning, and data categories, methodology, questionnaire, concentration and evaluation of existing data, interim evaluation report, final evaluation report, the final report of results and policy suggestions, a website with the evaluation results.

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