Information Society S. A.

Publicity-Communication Actions in Electronic Prescription

Marketing Communication
Event Organisation
Duration:09/2014 - 06/2014

The subject of the project was the systematic, continuous and effective updating of the Common Opinion as well the information of those who were directly involved in Electronic Prescription, with the aim of transparency and optimization of the proposed actions, their results and and the relevant acts / decisions of the political leadership, including their common acceptance.
The Project's scope was the setting-up of a Communication and Publicity Policy and its implementation,  which  included:

  • Issuance of printed advertising and information material (brochures, posters, etc
  • Regular sending of newsletters via e-mail and other media
  • Posting publications in the press
  • Electronic listings on popular websites (banners)
  • Public-opinion poll
  • Systematic collection of proposals / demands from professional associations
  • Conducting workshops in all the 13 administrative regions of the country in which the objectives, the content and the advantages of the proposed actions were presented 
  • Organizing an Electronic Prescription Conference as well as regularly updating progress and results.

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