Hellenic Ministry of Interior - European Migration Netawork

"Visa policies as an immigration channel" within the framework of the European Migration Network

Social Innovation
Migration Policies
Duration:2011 - 2011
Client:Hellenic Republic,Ministry of Interior

As the Greek National Contact Point of the European Network Immigration, the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for preparing the study "Visa Policy as an Immigration. " The study's overall purpose is to summarize the existing approaches, mechanisms, and measures implemented in Greece to combat illegal immigration. The study aims to analyze the relationship between their policy entry visas and the management and control of migration together with its treatment of illegal immigration.
This study, which will be developed by all the National Contact Points of the EMN, will be part of it "A Comprehensive Study on Visa Policy as an Immigration Channel," the composition of which will be with the help of the Service Provider (GHK-COWI, which has contracted with the European Commission) and will include the practices applied by all EU Member States in this area.
Objectives of the study:
The study aimed to inform policymakers and analysts about the effects of visa policy on migration management, both facilitating legal immigration and preventing illegal immigration. The study provided data on the effectiveness of the different strategies for resolving migration, including cooperation with third countries, in particular regarding facilitation and bilateral/multilateral agreements and good practices, as well as assistance in the analysis of national policies by providing a summary of the policy in this field in the EU. Finally, it explored the effects of EU policy. In the formulation of national policy and practice.
The study focused on third-country nationals, given that EU citizens have the right to travel to the EU. Visas and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland and their family members can benefit from flexible access, entry, and residence procedures that do not fall within the scope of Articles 77 and 79 of the EU Treaty.

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