Greek Organisation Against Drugs (OKANA)

External evaluation of the operation: "Community and On-Road (Prevention and Early Intervention) Programs to Reduce Demand and Supply of Addictive Substances "

Monitoring & Evaluation
Social Welfare
Duration:11/2013 - 1/2015
Client:Greek Organisation Against Drugs (OKANA)

The objective of the project was external evaluation of the operation.: "Community and On-Road Programs (Prevention and Early Intervention) to Reduce Demand and Supply of Addictive Substances ", both in terms of planning, objectives, procedure and efficiency of actions implemented under sub-projects on the basis of the objectives set in specific areas related to the improvement of communication and facilitating the implementation of actions aimed at active users, addicted and dependents.

In particular, the project included the following:

(1) Development of an evaluation methodology for the evaluation of all sub-projects of the operation and the formulation of an evaluation guide,

(2) Monitoring and evaluation of the achievement of the objectives of the operation through the sub-projects carried out and their services,

(3) Interim evaluation report per sub-project and in the whole of the operation,

(4) Final evaluation report per sub-project and the whole of the operation. A combination of methods and techniques such as: Questionnaire, Interview, Observation and Case Study was used to prepare the study. The overall assessment criteria for the operation were: (i) the effectiveness of the services provided through the sub-projects of the operation, (ii) the resource efficiency, (iii) the usefulness of the services provided, (iv) the sustainability of the results and (v) the response of the services to the needs of the beneficiaries.

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