Municipality of Spata - Artemis

Advertising campaign for the development of the local market

Marketing Communication
Creative Content
Duration:07/2020 - 08/2020
Client:Municipality of Spata - Artemis

The action involved the creation of a television message and its transmission to the media and social media, which promoted the Municipality and the two cities, the natural environment, the infrastructure, and the possibilities they can offer to the visitor, the culture, and the history. The advertising campaign, the creation and transmission of a TV and radio message aimed at promoting the Municipality of Spata - Artemis as a tourist destination, for domestic and foreign visitors, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the local market, supporting the economy of the region, and thus improving the incomes of the municipalities. Intraway undertook the implementation of the following deliverables:

  • Creative and production of the television message
  • Digital campaign (Social Media & web TV)
  • Message distribution and analytical reporting of transmission and promotion

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