Institute for Educational Policy (IEP)

Provision of services of video recording, editing, directing and photography" of the Act "Universal design and development of accessible digital educational material - horizontal action" Subproject 1 of the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development Education and Lifelong Learning"

Marketing Communication
Creative Content
Duration:12/2018 - 7/2020
Client:Institute for Educational Policy (IEP)

In the framework of the project, Intraway undertook to ensure the provision of the following services:

α) To fully meet the needs of the distance training of Action 5, was foreseen the creation and processing of multimedia material and its adaptation to integrate it into the IEP's electronic platform Edx (iepX). In particular, for the uploading of the material developed by the Specialist Scientists Experts of the Registry on the Edx electronic platform of the IEP (iepX), Intraway undertook the filming, editing, and directing of the material.The production of 12 videos was foreseen for the needs of this action.b) In the framework of Actions 2-4 and to complete/enhance/enrich the material produced by the Specialist Scientists Experts of the Registry, Intraway carried out video recordings in the school units as well as outdoors. For the needs of this action, it was foreseen the production of 13 videos in school units and outdoors, in a place, day, and time indicated by the Project Manager and always within Attica.c) The needs of the Action required the taking of approximately 600 photographs.Intraway undertook the implementation of the following deliverables:

  • Video recordings: Videos (12) adapted for posting on the IEP's Edx online platform (iepX).
  • Video recordings: Videos (13) in schools and outdoors
  • Photos: Photographs, six hundred (600), printed in 21 cm wide x 15 cm high and stored on electronic media

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